Data Migration Architects


Migration as term is simply moving from one place to another, relocation. Similarly when we talk of Data Migration it involves a set of process with business rules of moving data from one location to another, or data relocation. The relocation can also involve change in the format and changes in the E-R of the application data base, maintining the dataset.The need of the data migration arises from the fact with changing business rules and the BPR. Though several technologies can be used for data migration, extract, transform, and load (ETL) is the preferred one.

The complate process for the data migration at the inception stage involves the complete flow of various processes involved from inception to implementation. This is where the Data Migration Architects are involved to designed the process and various steps. The migration design exemplifies various migration and testing rules, highlight acceptance criteria, and assigns roles and responsibilities across the migration team members. 

Design for Migration is a repository for design projects that deal with migration issues. Such projects are important and urgent as ever, in order to contrast misinformation and sensationalistic news, to raise awareness, to open debates or to reduce fear and tension through exposure to others.