Introduction is a platform for oracle professionals. It stages an area for all to share their technical views and experience pertaining to oracle and its various products. This platform mainly aims to cater individual with a zest for oracle and its technologies. This platform aims to provided various career opening for oracle professionals elementary to advanced. With time, as the website is enriched with technical informatic content, it has a road map to add various section on the website.

As of now website will primarily focus on database and the programing skill that can be a guide for beginners and some online courses for starters, mainly college student or professional looking to have a grip on oracle database technology. The webmaster of the website is and experianced professional and will be a guide to all the beginers. 

1 Blogs : As of now, blogs mainly covers database with the Tools SQLPLUS that covers  SQL and PLSQL blogs and orcale developer tools like Oracle forms, oracle reports and Oracle graphic designer.

2. News : this can be various news related with Oracle.

3. Career : The website will try to bring various career opening for professionals, related with oracle and its product inventory list. Various associted career opening related with database would be posted on the website.

4. Road Map for 2022 we aint to deploy a online jobs portals for oracle community and provide a gateways for the various global oppurtunities in oracle or associated database technologies