Recruitment Module


The recruitment module is the starting of the HRIMS ( Human Resource Information Management System). The recruitment module mainly comprises of various submodules that formulated the complete recruitment module of the HRIMS.

The recruitment module can vary from business to business. Various organisation have different recruitment strategies for recruiting the eligible candidates for a specified job in the organisation. Following are the basic sub module that can be incorporated in any HRIMS.

1. Carreer Opening : this is the starting part of the recruitment module where the career opening is floated.

2. Applications : The application are recieved based on the job opening. These application are to be processed by the HR  departments and the eligible candicates are called for the interview.

3. Scruitiniy : The scruitiny of the application can be partly be automated based on some fixed parameters like qualification and experiance. Automated Scrutiny can be floowed by manual scrutinity.

4. Interview : This process of multiple phases and starts with the issue of interview letter with interview date and venue, confirmation from the candicate and then final interview.

5. Selection : post interview if the selection of the eligible candidate based on the interview results. Interviews can be carried by a panel or individually. This also varies company to company. The system should have flexibility that provides both the option of interview by panel or individual. Interview gradation based on the interview session can be always pre defined. The gradation in interview by each panel memeber should be helpfull in short listing the eligible candidates.