How some Training Institutes Misguide students


Some of the Most Common gimmicks and USP as an ad campaign in terms of banners , hoardings, classified, flyers by various training institutes existing in every nook and corner.

Learn Oracle In One Month
100% Job Placement
Guaranteed Job After Training
Oracle Training By :.....some big name
Hurry Limited Seats Available Batches Starting Soon

The above are some of the branding terms used by many training institutes

now let me elaborate on some of the USP of some training institutes conducting Oracle training

"Learn Oracle in One Month" : Sounds like "dummies'" in month yes you can start talking oracle..but some saying which every student might have been educated on is " EMPTY VESSELS MAKE MORE NOISE". So you want to talk or you want to performs. Instead of you talking let your codes do the talking and in one month it can be just an awareness which you have acquired and than make you one of so many others who have the same awareness. But similar awareness can be also provided in a weeks time provided the person handling the responsibility of training has some good track records in terms experience on oracle development and training.

"100% Job Placement" : is it a training center or a placement center or is 100% placement in years to come or immediate after placement. unemployment have become a major issue in global economy and if some training centers claim this then they can resolve the global problem and they should approach the government or the HR Ministry instead of playing with the sentiments of students and professional who are on job hunt. This can only be possible is the training institutes are selective about the student they train but unfortunately they are only selective when it comes to fees structure and payment terms.

"Guaranteed Job After Training" : WOW a trap set and many will be trapped surely cat n mouse game. If Job is guaranteed then training institutes should conduct all training free and why charge the student charge the company which recruits the students and companies will pay more than what students pay..but traps has only one way traffic students professional always ask a training institutes that says GURANTEED JOB..." Why do i pay for training you can bill my training cost to the company if its a guaranteed job and in IT companies pay a handsome amount against the candidates recruited...." the moment you ask him the cat is belled.....

"Oracle Training By" :.....some big name : Big name will not give you months of training coz they genuinely big but if a training institute is marketing a person name ummmmm think over it...the only big name i know in oracle is LARRY ELLISON founder of ORACLE. the only other big names are celebrities' who look good on a poster or a banner not on the podium distributing/sharing knowledge..

"Hurry Limited Seats Available Batches Starting Soon" : wonder whats holding back a training institutes to start the batch..FEW MORE TO BE TRAPPED....


Please note the following blog is a personal view which is being shared and has no intentional of de faming any training institutes or to hamper their business module..every individual is intelligent enough to understand and conclude about their training institutes or trainer.....


Any students professional who have been mis guided by any training institutes can definitely share their viw on or post their comments