Dont get misguided by Some Oracle Training Institutes


How some student are getting misguided by some oracle training institutes.
Generally at any training Institutes Which Conducts the Training courses Custom or Predefined are conducted by some persons who are not much exposed to the oracle arena.

A student who is a novice and new to this field trusts the counselor of the training institutes who maybe be some smart lady handling the students on bench.Such student are not much technically sounds when they are in inception stage so they are in no position to judge the instructor/trainer.

Generally What a Beginner Student ask's......

Whats is the course Content and duration oh yess the most important The Amount to be paid for the course....

Please remember the best of the course content can be generated by googling and such course content may look very advanced and a beginner student is convinced .......WHO MADE THE COURSE....THE INSTRUCTOR or someone just googled and prepared it...

Duration .. this term is like a redundancy error in programming duration is generally fixed in terms of days/weeks/Months.... How many Institutes quote in Hours maybe 60 Hrs..90 hrs....depending on the course designed...???

How much time does an instructor gives to a the time given on a black board or is it given on the computer.....and is the time spent(logged) if for trouble shooting or just casual sql statements...1000's of such SQLcan be found online....with explanation..