GCP Architect

Job Opportunity For GCP Architect at Tech Mahindra, Preview The Job Descrition and email us your resume

Location : Pan India

Experiance 10+ years

Salary package Upto 32 Lacs

Job description

* GCP Data & Analytics Solution Architect with 12+ years of experience in Data Analytics and Big Data.
* An experienced Solutions Architect well versed in designing big data architectures on-premise or on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 
* Responsible for design, development, implementation, operation improvement and debug BI & Big Data Analytics environments on-premise or on Google Cloud Management Platform.
* Have a good understanding of Google best practice/recommendation and should be able to align the same with the customer requirements to deliver best in class solution for the customer’s Analytics requirements.
* Working knowledge of microservices using Docker and Kubernetes
* Familiarity with prevalent message bus and queuing technologies (e.g. Kafka, RabbitMQ)
* A strong background and exposure to databases, including both relational (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (e.g. Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB) database systems
* Knowledge of industry leading data quality, data governance, master data management and data protection management practices especially involving GCP.
* Experience on integrating best in class native, non-native third party COTS tool for complimenting several Data management aspect of GCP , i.e Data Governance/ Master Data Management /  data governance.
* Maintain deep knowledge of the market for cloud services, enterprise applications, business process management, advanced analytics, and integration software.
* Develop alternate technology solutions blueprint (cloud-based computing, storage, etc.) to build case for legacy technology modernization for both hybrid and multi-cloud setup
* Performs engineering design evaluations for new environment builds.
* Migration of Workloads from on-premise/other public clouds to Google Cloud Platform.
* Work closely with Operations team to size, scale and tune existing and new architecture.
* Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure (network, storage and compute resources) and ensure legal compliance and security standards.
* Manage and design Data Security Solution (Encryption/ Access Control/Storage Management) and ensure legal data privacy compliance i.e GDPR
* Familiarity with realtime streaming and processing of various data sources, including logs, time series telemetry data, unstructured social data and relational data
* Preferred experience on capacity planning for new initiatives on Google Cloud (including sizing for storage, compute, network, etc.)
* Preferred Experience in Architecting and Designing solutions leveraging Google Cloud products such as Cloud BigQuery, GCS, Cloud DataFlow, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud BigTable and Tensorflow.
* Would be preferred to have executed end to end implementation/migration of a Data Warehouse and Big Data (Hadoop) project from on-prem to GCP (using Google BigQuery, DataFlow, DataProc etc.)

Role & Responsibilities: 
This role needs you to participate in customer meetings or workshops.
Work on proposals, RFIs/RFPs, execute PoCs and pilot projects for customers. 
Evaluate domain, financial and technical feasibility of solution ideas with help of all key stakeholders.
Compare and contrast Cloud Data Platforms, big data tools, approaches, techniques

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