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Banking System

Form: City Mast

Form is used for creating updating Records for various information that are stored in city_mast table Sample Layout Design for The form City_mast form Form for creating ... Full story

Table: City Mast

Table Name : City_mast Create Table City_mast (City_code Varchar(8),City_name Varchar(25),City_type Varchar(1),City_Dial_code Varchar(10),Short_name Varchar(10),State_code Varchar(8),Country_code Varchar(3)) City_code : Fixed lenght city_code of 8 character, the city_code in incremental and ... Full story

Banking System- Master Tables

Master Tables Used In Banking Stystem 1. City_mast : Table to store information related to city Details 2. State_mast : Table to store information related to State ... Full story

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