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DISPLAY_ITEM built-in Oracle Forms

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Maintained for backward compatibility only. For new applications, you should use the SET_ITEM_INSTANCE_PROPERTY built-in. DISPLAY_ITEM modifies an item’s appearance by assigning a specified display attribute to the item. DISPLAY_ITEM has the side-effect of also changing the appearance of any items that mirror the changed instance. SET_ITEM_INSTANCE_PROPERTY does not change mirror items.

You can reference any item in the current form.
Any change made by a DISPLAY_ITEM built-in is effective until:

  •     the same item instance is referenced by another DISPLAY_ITEM built-in, or
  •     the same item instance is referenced by the SET_ITEM_INSTANCE_PROPERTY built-in (with VISUAL_ATTRIBUTE property), or
  •     the instance of the item is removed (e.g., through a CLEAR_RECORD or a query), or
  •     you modify a record (whose status is NEW), navigate out of the record, then re-enter the record, or
  •     the current form is exited


PROCEDURE DISPLAY_ITEM(item_id    ITEM,attribute    VARCHAR2);

PROCEDURE DISPLAY_ITEM(item_name    VARCHAR2,attribute    VARCHAR2);

Built-in Type  unrestricted procedure

Enter Query Mode  yes


item_id    Specifies the unique ID that Form Builder assigns to the item when it
creates the item.  The data type of the ID is ITEM.
item_name    Specifies the VARCHAR2 string you gave to the item when you created it.
attribute    Specifies a named visual attribute that should exist.  You can also specify a

valid attribute from your Oracle*Terminal resource file. Form Builder will search for named visual attribute first. Note: You can specify Normal as a method for applying the default attributes to an item, but only if your form does not contain a visual attribute or logical (character mode or otherwise) called Normal. You can also specify NULL as a method for returning an item to its initial visual attributes (default, custom, or named).

Built-in:    DISPLAY_ITEM
Example:   Change the visual attribute of each item in the   current record.

cur_itm    VARCHAR2(80);
cur_block VARCHAR2(80) := :System.Cursor_Block;
cur_itm    := Get_Block_Property( cur_block, FIRST_ITEM );
cur_itm := cur_block||’.’||cur_itm;
Display_Item( cur_itm, ’My_Favorite_Named_Attribute’);
cur_itm := Get_Item_Property( cur_itm, NEXTITEM );

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You can also specify NULL as a method for returning an item to its initial visual attributes.
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