Oracle PLSQL Workshop


BASIC JUMP START ORACLE TRAINING O Level Certificate Courses  For PL/SQL Language

Course Duration 40 Hrs 

Oracle PL/Sql Wokshop is an certifiaction workshop provided by The content of the workshop is designed by industrial professionals and conducts workshops for students in various professional colleges and institutes. The workshop provides hand on programming experiance on PLSQL language in Oracle SQLPLUS

PL/SQL : Plsql is a procedural sql language which are bloc oriented prorams and procedural in nature, Plsql programming language can help a database professional for writing various programs which are used in Database programming enviornment.Experiance on PLSQL programming is mandator for any software developer, Database manages, BI, Dataware housing , Data Mining, Database DBA's.

Who can Avail This Course

  1. Students   
  2. Professionals who are looking to make career with Oracle Platform    
  3. Teachers
  4. Professional persuing a career Programmers & developers
  5. Professional persuing a career DBA's



Course Overview : This is an extented course of sql language course is desugned with simplycity for an student to understand the basic programming methods for writing tuned plsq sql programs which are used in application developement of any application softwares.Only hands on with pracical example and trouble shooting is conducted in the training sessions of the workshop

Objectives The aim of this course is to provide the attendies with the necessary skills to understand and perform for writing PLSQL blocks programs which are alos usefull but batch processing and writing stored procedure and use of OOPS. On completion of this course the on  will be aware of:

  • Writing and running PL/SQL programs from SQL*Plus
  • Declaring and using variables and constants
  • Assigning and manipulating values
  • Using SQL statements within PL/SQL
  • Implementing conditional execution and loop constructs
  • Declaring and using cursors with and without parameters
  • Updating data with cursors
  • Trapping and handling errors and exceptions in code
  • Implementing nested and labelled loops and blocks
  • Raising exceptions
  • Handling PL/SQL records and tables
  • Using PL/SQL table built-in functions

Prerequisites :  A working knowledge of SQL*Plus. This can be gained by attendance on SQL*Plus Some previous programming experience would prove advantageous.

Prerequisite Courses Oracle SQL-ST-01

Course Code :  PL-ST01

Course Fees :  Rs 5000


PL/SQL Fundamentals (Session 1 - 8 Hrs)

    * What is PL/SQL?
    * Basic Elements
    * Variables and Constants
    * Data Types
    * Initialising Variables and Assigning Values
    * Using SQL Statements in Code
    * Generating Output to SQL or SQL Developer

Program Logic  (Session 2 - 12 Hrs)

    * IF THEN ELSIF ELSE Statements
    * CASE Statements
    * The Basic Loop Construct
    * WHILE and FOR Loops
    * Nested and Labelled Loops
    * The GOTO Statement
    * The CONTINUE Statement

Using Cursors (Session 3 -  20 Hrs)

    * What is a Cursor?
    * Implicit and Explicit Cursors
    * Cursor Operations
    * Declaring, Opening and Closing Cursors
    * Fetching Rows
    * Status Checking
    * Using Cursors FOR UPDATE
    * The Cursor FOR Loop
    * Parameterised Cursors

Exceptions and Nested Blocks (1 day 3 hrs)

    * The EXCEPTION Section
    * Types of Exception
    * Handling Named System-Raised Exceptions
    * Handling Un-named System-Raised Exceptions
    * User-Declared Exceptions and Application Errors
    * Nested and Labelled Blocks
    * Propagation of Exceptions
    * Scope of Variables and Cursors
    * Scope of Goto Statements