Is Oracle Regretting Its 7.4 Billion Sun Microsystems Deal

Corporate success is driven with the investments that the company makes for its business enhancements and to gain market share in the relevant business. Oracle ... Full story

oracle netsuite partnership

Over the past oracle is know for its tieups and aquisition of companies falling in the same domain of business section that oracle is into ... Full story

Oracle Forms Certification

Oracle Forms Programming Duration 45 Days Oracle Forms Developer 10g is used to build high performance applications for the Internet. Forms Developer is a web ... Full story

Oracle Sql Workshop - SQL-ST-01

BASIC JUMP START ORACLE TRAINING O Level Certificate Courses  For SQL Language Course Duration 6 Days  Oracle Sql Wokshop is an certifiaction workshop provided by ... Full story

Oracle PL / Sql Workshop - PL-ST-01

BASIC JUMP START ORACLE TRAINING O Level Certificate Courses  For PL/SQL Language Course Duration 4 Days  Oracle PL/Sql Wokshop is an certifiaction workshop provided by ... Full story

Oracle's place in cloud computing

Oracle's place in the cloud computing market is everywhere, but in some cases it is vaguely defined. ... Full story

Oracle patent news

Oracle's patents pertaining to Java were dissected during a re-review by the USPTO.  Of the 66 claims in the patents, 50 of them were subjected ... Full story

Accenture-Oracle bags major PCEHR deal

AN Accenture-led consortium has won the pivotal contract to deliver a national IT infrastructure for the Gillard government's $500 million personally controlled e-health records system.The ... Full story

Oracle Ending Itanium Support damaging HP Server Sales

HP saw revenues in its high-end server business fall 9 percent in the recent quarter, and officials blame Oracle’s decision to end support for Intel’s ... Full story

Google Wants Judge to Dismiss Four Charges in Oracle Suit

Google is hoping to head off some of the complaints Oracle has made against it by asking a California judge for permission to file summary ... Full story

Google fighting to suppress evidence Android willfully infringed upon Oracle's Java

Apple's primary competitor in smartphone platforms is facing critical new evidence that indicates Google willfully infringed upon Java to develop Android, a finding that could ... Full story

Oracle India trims salaries with hour-based payments

The world’s second-largest software products company Oracle is understood to have begun linking the payment of its 20,000-odd employees in India with the productive hours ... Full story

Basic PLSQL Programming

Course Description:This class is applicable to Oracle8i, Oracle9i and Oracle Database 10g users.This course introduces students to PL/SQL and helps them understand the benefits of ... Full story

PL/SQL Stored Program Units

This course includes classroom labs for live hands-on trainingCourse Duration: 3 daysCourse Code: Course Description: This course provides practical experience in developing and writing triggers, ... Full story

Advance PLSQL

Course Duration: 3 daysCourse Code: OAPView course dates BookCourse Description:This course, designed for Oracle database administrators and software development personnel who need to gain practical ... Full story


There can be any number of parameters in plsql programming envoirementEach parameters has a mode and a type. The possible modes are IN (read-only), OUT ... Full story

Whats Is Database Trigger

Database triggers is a consist os sql and plsq statement which is executed on an predefined event.Database triggers are stored as a database object in ... Full story

Basic Cursor Writing

A cursor is a memory area allocated to work with select statements and is declared by a name.Need For CursorIn any PLSQL Statement which is ... Full story

Mutating Error In Database Trigger

Mutating error is one of the common error which one encounters while working with triggers which can involve operation of a particular table. Mutating error is ... Full story

How some Training Institutes Misguide students

Some of the Most Common gimmicks and USP as an ad campaign in terms of banners , hoardings, classified, flyers by various training institutes existing ... Full story

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