Oracle forms6i configuration post installation

Configuration Steps for Oracle Forms installation  This file gives details of the configuration steps done for you by the installation process (marked '[INFO]') and of any actions ... Full story

Creating a Form For Create Update of a Data

To create a basic oracle form for creating and updating data consider the following. This is not a tuned application, but a beginer can try ... Full story

CALL_FORM built-in - Oracle Forms

Runs an indicated form while keeping the parent form active. Form Builder runs the called form with the same Runform preferences as the parent form. When the called form is exited Form Builder processing resumes in the calling form at the point from which you initiated the call to CALL_FORM. ... Full story

POST built-in Oracle Forms

Writes data in the form to the database, but does not perform a database commit. Form Builder first validates the form. If there are changes to post to the database, for each block in the form Form Builder writes deletes, inserts, and updates to the database.Any data that you post to the database is committed to the database by the next COMMIT_FORM that executes during the current Runform session. Alternatively, this data can be rolled back by the next CLEAR_FORM. ... Full story

DISPLAY_ITEM built-in Oracle Forms

Maintained for backward compatibility only. For new applications, you should use the SET_ITEM_INSTANCE_PROPERTY built-in. DISPLAY_ITEM modifies an item’s appearance by assigning a specified display attribute to the item. DISPLAY_ITEM has the side-effect of also changing the appearance of any items that mirror the changed instance. SET_ITEM_INSTANCE_PROPERTY does not change mirror items. ... Full story

DOWN built-in

Navigates to the instance of the current item in the record with the next higher sequence number. If necessary, Form Builder fetches a record. If Form Builder has to create a record, DOWN navigates to the first navigable item in the record. ... Full story


Execute_Query clears the current block, opens a query, and fetches a number of selected records ( items that are with base_table TRUE). If there are changes to commit, Form Builder prompts the operator to commit them before continuing EXECUTE_QUERY processing. This alert prompt can be avoided by using NO_VALIDATE parameter with EXECUTE_QUERY ... Full story

Form: City Mast

Form is used for creating updating Records for various information that are stored in city_mast table Sample Layout Design for The form City_mast form Form for creating ... Full story

Table: City Mast

Table Name : City_mast Create Table City_mast (City_code Varchar(8),City_name Varchar(25),City_type Varchar(1),City_Dial_code Varchar(10),Short_name Varchar(10),State_code Varchar(8),Country_code Varchar(3)) City_code : Fixed lenght city_code of 8 character, the city_code in incremental and ... Full story

Banking System- Master Tables

Master Tables Used In Banking Stystem 1. City_mast : Table to store information related to city Details 2. State_mast : Table to store information related to State ... Full story

Is Oracle Regretting Its 7.4 Billion Sun Microsystems Deal

Corporate success is driven with the investments that the company makes for its business enhancements and to gain market share in the relevant business. Oracle ... Full story

oracle netsuite partnership

Over the past oracle is know for its tieups and aquisition of companies falling in the same domain of business section that oracle is into ... Full story

Oracle Forms Certification

Oracle Forms Programming Duration 45 Days Oracle Forms Developer 10g is used to build high performance applications for the Internet. Forms Developer is a web ... Full story

Oracle Sql Workshop - SQL-ST-01

BASIC JUMP START ORACLE TRAINING O Level Certificate Courses  For SQL Language Course Duration 6 Days  Oracle Sql Wokshop is an certifiaction workshop provided by ... Full story

Oracle PL / Sql Workshop - PL-ST-01

BASIC JUMP START ORACLE TRAINING O Level Certificate Courses  For PL/SQL Language Course Duration 4 Days  Oracle PL/Sql Wokshop is an certifiaction workshop provided by ... Full story

Oracle's place in cloud computing

Oracle's place in the cloud computing market is everywhere, but in some cases it is vaguely defined. ... Full story

Oracle patent news

Oracle's patents pertaining to Java were dissected during a re-review by the USPTO.  Of the 66 claims in the patents, 50 of them were subjected ... Full story

Accenture-Oracle bags major PCEHR deal

AN Accenture-led consortium has won the pivotal contract to deliver a national IT infrastructure for the Gillard government's $500 million personally controlled e-health records system.The ... Full story

Oracle Ending Itanium Support damaging HP Server Sales

HP saw revenues in its high-end server business fall 9 percent in the recent quarter, and officials blame Oracle’s decision to end support for Intel’s ... Full story

Google Wants Judge to Dismiss Four Charges in Oracle Suit

Google is hoping to head off some of the complaints Oracle has made against it by asking a California judge for permission to file summary ... Full story

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